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Mission & Purpose:

We are a ministry team devoted to helping the people of Belize. Our mission is to help families who need housing, and/or who have specific needs in regards to construction (i.e. a new floor, roof, or room addition).

Our purpose is first and foremost to glorify our Father above, and second to meet the needs of the people. We are supported by the churches of Christ.

Belize Construction Mission -4
Belize Construction Mission -3
Belize Construction Mission -2
Belize Construction Mission -1


Our first Construction mission to Belize was in the spring of 2012, though we all have been to the country of Belize on several other occasions alongside the Medical Mission teams headed by Bill Amason. Belize Construction Mission was born out of a need to use our own gifts and talents to help the people of Belize.


We are looking for individuals who are ready and able to join us in this mission. If you are interested in traveling with us to Belize to help with our construction mission or to help with evangelism, please contact Dan or Gregg for further details.
Also needed are financial partners for this work. If you can help in this capacity, please visit our donation page. People of prayer that can pray for the success of our ministry, and most of all that God is glorified through our work.