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Who We Are

Belleview Church of Christ Worship in Belleview, Florida

We warmly greet you with the joy of Jesus Christ!

The Belleview Church is a unique congregation known for its friendliness, it’s child-like heart, its diversity and its warmth.

We don’t care how you look, how many tattoos you have, or who you’re voting for in the election.  We are a spiritual hospital of recovering sinners with every kind of story imaginable.

We have two supreme desires: to love God and to love others.

Our only creed is the Word of God.

We report to no earthly headquarters or denomination, only to Christ Himself, holding to the instruction and pattern of the Apostles' teaching, who were sent throughout the earth by the authority of Christ and whose inspired words Christ prayed the world would be united upon (John 17:20-21Acts 2:41ff).

We simply desire to be followers of Christ and followers of Christ only and to practice simple New Testament Christianity; to worship, to teach and to joyously learn what it means to live out the will of God just as the church in the New Testament did in its infancy.

What is the Church?

In our American culture, the church is almost always defined by a denominational name on a sign in front of a steepled cathedral.

Jesus’ church, however, is not a denomination, a name on a sign, a country club, or a cathedral but the walking cathedrals, the universal body of the saved in Christ, who have been called out from the way the rest of the world operates to be separate in lifestyle.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be the Spirit-led church who loves each other, who visits the hungry and the hurting in their need, that prays continually in the Spirit and that lovingly shares the good news of Christ to a broken world.




Join us in learning of His love for you.  In celebrating the new life He gives that is better than we dare dream.  And in resting sweetly in His promises for our life.

Come and see that the Lord is good!

'The churches of Christ greet you." Paul of Tarsus, Romans 16:16